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* 1982 graduate of Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Tacoma with a BA in PE. Football starter for 4 years – On National Championship football team in 1980.
* Successful 13 years in healthcare outside sales with various large companies throughout the Puget Sound area.
* Commissioner and current President of Board of Covington Water District for 20+ years.  
* I have been married to Anita for 30 years, am the father of 6 boys, ages 17 to 28; wife and I home schooled. Currently 2 daughter-in-laws and 3 grandchildren. 
* Sail boating, yard work, counseling, mentoring and youth activities take up my free time. 
* My wife and I serve at Mars Hill Church. 
* Board member of Gateway Medical Alliance, serving North Africa.

I began investing in real estate in about 1989 and enjoyed it so much that I decided this would be my future. I obtained my brokers license in 1995 and began right away with Landman Inc. I excelled in the business and bought half the company shortly thereafter.

I continue to selectively invest in real estate. This involves:
– Purchasing properties to subdivide, or remodel.  Developments include: Ariston Place, Coal Creek Estates, Hidden Valley Estates, Kanasket Estates, Logar Estates, Wildview Ridge Estates. 
– Project management: Pro-forma, purchase analysis, cash flow, permitting, managing construction and sale of lots for myself and others.

I specialize in Land, Farms, Homes on Acreage and investment properties in the Puget Sound Area. Land and Homes on acreage are more complex,  difficult to develop or build on, and can be expensive and risky. County and City regulations are difficult to learn, hard to understand, frustrating to deal with, and difficult to apply. My job is to help you with all of that.

Owners wishing to sell or develop need expert help to know what can be done with their property, what it will cost, recommendations for staging or preparing, and what it might be worth when they are ready to sell. 

Buyers need expert advice to find a piece of property or home and understand; how they can use, develop, re-develop or build and know the costs and time frames to do so.

I have 500+ transactions under my belt over the last 18 years. This experience has honed my negotiating skill to get my clients the best deal possible.  

I do a lot of coaching, teaching, guiding, suggesting and advising with you – this is fun and rewarding!

To ensure I am staying current in the market and am fully accessible, I keep up with the latest social media.  Regardless of the method buyers and sellers want to communicate, I am available. You can call, text, email, Facebook, meet in person, or instant message me – which do you prefer?

My mission at Landman Inc as a Broker is to provide that expert help to you, the land owner or buyer. I love what I do and I work to make it fun, simpler, and successful for everyone.

Don’t delay! Whatever your property needs, I can be contacted at:
253-631-9545 phone or text

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